hello, i’m yvonne inlund,

graduate engineer of media technology (dipl.-ing.).
freelance creative director, animation director & designer.

specialized in motion design / film / digital / brand. 

from my studies in media technology i benefit from both bold creative and technical skills. plus additional longtime experience in creative film & design industry since 2003 – from motion design artist to creative lead & director.

specialized in film projects combined with 2d/3d animation, live-action and special fx as well as graphics, photo, mixed media and digital. i create from first scratch to bold visual concept, from keyframe over shooting to final film. across all disciplines and full pre-/postproduction pipeline. working hands-on in concept art, graphic design, 2d/3d animation and editing, too.

for over 17 years I worked permanently at different animation studios, film & postproductions, design agencies and tv stations around germany, like the marmalade, deli creative collective, juno, congaz, markenfilm, rtf creation etc.

i collaborated with plenty of international clients from luxury brands, product design, automotive, fashion, beauty:

bowers & wilkins
harman kardon
mercedes benz
new tendency
porsche design
and many more